Vulcan Engines Gallery

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2.1 OHC Block ass (blue)

2.1 OHC in a Tiger

2.100XE race car

5 speed gear box

25cm ohc manifold

45 dcoe webers

45 dcoe

76 mm OHC manifold

2000 EX Accrolite pistons b

BDA crank & steel rods

Chambered race cross flow

Chambered race cross flow B

Caterham Crossflow 145HP s

Crossflow block ass

Crossflow block assembly

Crossflow Accrolite piston

Crossflow Omex ign only

CVH block polished inside

Crossflow block ass

Lean burn head

Race Crossflow inside

Inside of race crossflow

OHC Max 1

Omex ignition only

OHC head and cam kit

OMSYSw speed system

Omex shift light kit

Omex inj and ignition kit

Robin hood 2

O Ring croosflow block ass


V6 Explora head

Steel crank ass

Race spec crossflow inside

Steel crank in block

Webers top 9.5 inches

BDA on dyno

Breather tank

Omex rev limeters